Traditional Email Security is NOT Enough: How to Build a Layered Defense to Combat Advanced Phishing Threats

Let’s face it: phishing threats are getting into your end users’ inbox.

Over 50% of phishing emails bypassing existing email security EVERY month delivering phishing threats to tempt users to click and give up network or personal credentials, activate malware, or scams like business email compromise (BEC) or wire transfer fraud.

With traditional email security, including SEG, missing so many phish, there’s a good chance other technologies—firewalls, anti-virus, and EDR – are also missing these threats. Such gaps can leave you vulnerable for hours, days, or even longer.

Bottom line: You can’t rely on traditional email security alone. With an average of 82 seconds for users to start clicking on a phishing campaign – how are you protecting your organization?

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  • Why native email security & SEGs are NOT enough
  • What SEGs are and how they work
  • The painful consequences of failure
  • Why a layered email security strategy is your best defense against phishing threats