5 Steps for Improving Phishing Resilience

How to educate and condition employees effectively — and what to avoid

You can’t rely on technology alone. With over 50% of phishing emails bypassing existing email security every month, it only takes ONE malicious email to steal credentials, inject malware, or scam employees.

With the right education and training, users can routinely report suspicious messages to the SOC. Phishing simulation programs let users practice ‘finding the phish’— and even better, reporting it to the SOC for investigation. This eBook explains five important steps to running an effective program, walking you through best practices and common mistakes to avoid.

Download the eBook to learn:

  • The importance of being transparent with users and not playing a game of “Gotcha!”
  • How to define user outcomes, from “Good job” to “Ooh, risky”
  • The right metrics to use in measuring and communicating success
  • Why relevant, not randomized, phishing scenarios, get the best results